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ST1500    ST1570

Crosslink users can Save Time and Improve Efficiency
with Scriptel Electronic Signature Capture Pads

Dedicated to the Success of Your Business

CrossLink™ continues to lead the industry with the tools and features high-volume tax business need to meet the needs of their clients.

With support from electronic signature capture pads,
CrossLink customers can:

  • Meet government disclosure requirements
  • Minimize errors
  • Move towards a paperless office
  • With the robust electronic software, the tax payer's signature is securely bound to the document for which it was intended


Unmatched Durability, Support and Value

Computime, a supplier of signature products to Crosslink users since 2007, continues to provide the best value available. With the Scriptel brand signature pads, we now can offer a much more durable product line while still maintaining low prices.

Each Scriptel signature pad ships with RapidCare. RapidCare is an overnight exchange warranty provided to customers in the 48 states. The overnight exchange warranty means that depending on the time you contact our support team, you will likely have a replacement pad the next morning.  The other brand of signature pads forces you to wait weeks for your pad to be repaired and returned to you For any technical questions or concerns, simply call 844-972-7478 to reach a member of the Scriptel support team. 

The signing area of the Scriptel signature pads are easy to clean and are scratch resistant to insure your Scriptel pad will be ready to use for years.

  • Scriptel ST1475 - a low priced signature pad with a two year overnight warranty. 
  • Scriptel ST1400 - an ultra durable signature pad with a three year overnight warranty.
  • Scriptel ST1500U - a rugged, easy to clean LCD * display and a three year overnight warranty.
  • Scriptel ST1570 - an easy to read “Backlit LCD Display” with a hardened signing surface and a three year overnight warranty.
* Choose a model with an LCD If you like to see your signature on the pad, when you sign.